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Some interesting e-commerce architecture thoughts from our friend Dimitri!

Originally posted on Dimitri Gatowski:

You haven’t read posts from me since a couple of years. My last post was about the development of Magento under the full control of Ebay and this is over 2 years ago. A lot of things have happened since then: new Magento projects and events like Meet Magento or the Developer Paradise where I always enjoy to meet the Magento community. Also, I enjoy a lot to discuss with e-commerce leaders from retailers and brands about their challenges and goals. Especially retailers with brick-and-mortar stores are facing a very quickly growing competition with strong digital pure players like Amazon. I like to read german e-commerce blogs Exciting Commerce by Jochen Krisch and Kassenzone by Alexander Graf which are covering these challenges quite well.

The question “how to enable my clients to successfully deal with this situation?” has bugged me a lot during these years. I believe that the only way to go is to…

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Launching our Open Source eCommerce Web App SDK Sofa – already chosen by our new Flagship clients Runtastic & Reno

Kai-Thomas Krause:

Awesome new technology – right from the couch :-)

Originally posted on CouchCommerce Blog:

Sofa is here!As you might know here at CouchCommerce we have been working for more than one year now towards releasing our e-commerce web app SDK called sofa. Today we are very happy and proud to announce that not only sofa has been released but we also decided to open source our entire AngularJS web app including a great feature set. You can download it right now and get started in three easy steps!

For developers and agencies this is a great starting point to create e-commerce front ends based on superior web app technology. Sofa cannot only be used to bring great touch driven user experience to smartphones and tablets but also covers in-store and even desktop use cases thanks to the almost complete coverage of modern browsers today. So we are moving towards a unified front end experience delivered by CouchCommerce!

developer_viewFrom today on merchants can start to work with one…

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Shopsystem-Konferenzen 2014: Ein Fazit

Roman Zenner:

In German – but please have a read if you can!

Originally posted on Shop->Tech->Blog:

Nach unserer Innovationsdiskussion bin ich mit hohen Erwartungen in den E-Commerce-Frühling 2014 gestartet und habe nacheinander die Meet Magento, die Shopware Community Days und die OXID Commons besucht. Was würden die Shopsystemhersteller in diesem Jahr präsentierten? Wie sieht ihre Strategie für die nächsten Jahre aus? Wie möchte man das Thema Innovation in Zukunft angehen? Welche technologischen Entscheidungen werden getroffen? Wie werden Entwickler angesprochen und eingebunden? Nachdem sich in dieser Woche der Konferenztrubel ein wenig gelichtet hat und ich jetzt einen besseren Überblick und Vergleichsmöglichkeiten habe, möchte ich an dieser Stelle ein Fazit wagen.

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The mobile paradoxon

Kai-Thomas Krause:

Some thoughts on mobile commerce and the future…

Originally posted on - ecommerce thoughts:

The mobile paradoxon

I visited some of the German ecommerce trade fairs that take place every year. Lately I spoke on the Meet Magento 2014 in Leipzig about the impact of mobile commerce on ecommerce and commerce in general.  You can find my slides an slideshare (in German).

I was amazed by the feedback from the session and talked the whole day to merchants and developers about the future of commerce. And everyone agreed more or less to my opinion, that mobile (smartphone and tablets) are just the beginning.

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The ecommerce innovation dilemma – one step further

Kai-Thomas Krause:

Some more thoughts on the ecommerce innovation dilemma…

Originally posted on - ecommerce thoughts:

I closely followed the interesting conversation between my colleagues Roman Zenner, Alexander Ringsdorff and Björn Schotte about innovations in the ecommerce sphere. I like to add my thoughts here.

First of all: the ecommerce system manufacturers are companies with a product themselves – not only suppliers. So it just doesn’t make any sense that the system manufacturers all say: “The innovation needs to come from the customers’ side.”

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