Shopsystem-Konferenzen 2014: Ein Fazit

Roman Zenner:

In German – but please have a read if you can!

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Nach unserer Innovationsdiskussion bin ich mit hohen Erwartungen in den E-Commerce-Frühling 2014 gestartet und habe nacheinander die Meet Magento, die Shopware Community Days und die OXID Commons besucht. Was würden die Shopsystemhersteller in diesem Jahr präsentierten? Wie sieht ihre Strategie für die nächsten Jahre aus? Wie möchte man das Thema Innovation in Zukunft angehen? Welche technologischen Entscheidungen werden getroffen? Wie werden Entwickler angesprochen und eingebunden? Nachdem sich in dieser Woche der Konferenztrubel ein wenig gelichtet hat und ich jetzt einen besseren Überblick und Vergleichsmöglichkeiten habe, möchte ich an dieser Stelle ein Fazit wagen.

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The mobile paradoxon

Kai-Thomas Krause:

Some thoughts on mobile commerce and the future…

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The mobile paradoxon

I visited some of the German ecommerce trade fairs that take place every year. Lately I spoke on the Meet Magento 2014 in Leipzig about the impact of mobile commerce on ecommerce and commerce in general.  You can find my slides an slideshare (in German).

I was amazed by the feedback from the session and talked the whole day to merchants and developers about the future of commerce. And everyone agreed more or less to my opinion, that mobile (smartphone and tablets) are just the beginning.

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The ecommerce innovation dilemma – one step further

Kai-Thomas Krause:

Some more thoughts on the ecommerce innovation dilemma…

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I closely followed the interesting conversation between my colleagues Roman Zenner, Alexander Ringsdorff and Björn Schotte about innovations in the ecommerce sphere. I like to add my thoughts here.

First of all: the ecommerce system manufacturers are companies with a product themselves – not only suppliers. So it just doesn’t make any sense that the system manufacturers all say: “The innovation needs to come from the customers’ side.”

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The e-commerce innovation dilemma


Not really punk style but some real concerns about the innovation in e-commerce. So I guess it will be of interest to you!

Originally posted on Alexander Ringsdorff:

Very recently Roman wrote about the lack of innovations in e-commerce and his frustration with the outlook leaders of popular shop systems gave.

Well, I can feel his pain. Since 2010 there has not really been any kind of innovation across the leading open source systems including Magento, Oxid e-sales, Shopware and PrestaShop from my point of view. It seems everybody got comfortable and relaxed once the feature push of Magento got to an end after the take over by eBay. I am under the impression that everybody went focusing on large “enterprise” clients underlining the stability and scalability of their software and therefore lost the focus on innovation. The nice thing about these enterprise customers is that they do come with deep pockets helping to monetize the open source development and attract other merchants. However at the same time they are the ones usually not requiring innovative features but a robust set…

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Roman’s Rants: Banks

Image banksOh dear, it’s been a while since this blog has seen some content, and it’s been an even longer while since I wrote something that had me pissed off. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, it’s time for a new rant. And this is about banks and how they can make our lives hard – fucking unnecessarily!

No, I’m not talking about the old “investment bankers are responsible for a global economic crises and need their over-expensive watches shoved up their arses”. (Although this is also very true.) And I’m neither talking about me wanting something indecent such as a loan. No way. What I wanted was Bank A to change the ownership of an account – since I’ve changed a company name. After that couldn’t be done for some reasons – although I have been bugging them for over 3 months – and because of some other minor shit, I’ve decided to move my stuff over to Bank B. The latter seemed eager and offered a transfer service: we cancel the account over at Bank A and move all the funds over to Bank B for you. Seemed perfect. But it wasn’t. For about three weeks I heard absolutely nothing. Then all of a sudden my account at Bank A was gone, and the money hasn’t arrived at Bank B. Basically, an considerable amount of money is floating through the financial galaxy and I wasn’t told … a single fucking thing!!

Now, this is 2014 we’re talking about. I’ve said so before, I will say it again: mankind is sending bloody robots to Mars, and the banks in one of the richest economies in the world don’t manage to get the most basic stuff right: communicate, you dicks, be transparent, for crying out loud!! This would be so easy: just send a short email about what’s happening. Give me a call, send a fucking pigeon! I mean, here I sit, my daily business being mostly getting ecommerce websites to communicate well with their customers – because this is what fucking matters! People want to know! They want to feel comfortable about giving money away and hopefully receiving the stuff they ordered. This applies to all industries, this is the main source of innovation we witness every day. But apparently, there are still Gallic villages oblivious of what’s happening around it. Be that as it may. Change is coming fast, and they don’t have any magic potion. You deserve it, you pricks. Over and out.

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