ecomPunk is online

Welcome to the brand new ecomPunk site!

I am very happy that this idea, that I initially had in July 2010, now finally made it to a real site and newly founded company. If you have a look at the about page you will find background information about the idea that stands behind ecomPunk.

So what can you expect by subscribing to the feed, following on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook?

Myself and the growing team of authors will make sure you do not miss any important aspect of the commerce revolution and radical change that is taking place right now. Hopefully we will also be able to help enabling startups to be part of it. Topics covered are NFC, mobile, cloud, payment, social and web currency – all related to the influence they have on commerce as we are used to it.

I really hope you will enjoy reading this!

About Alexander
Serial Entrepreneur & Founder in eCommerce - VP @NewStoreInc - Podcasting @theecomweek - Startup mentor @Venture_Villa

One Response to ecomPunk is online

  1. Nick Weisser says:

    Looking forward to reading your blog. I really like the design!

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