CouchDB – A great chance for SAAS e-commerce providers!

During my stay in Florence end of February I was visiting a good friend of mine who is doing his PHD at the European University Institute. Despite visiting this most likely most beautiful university on our planet, I was trying to gain some insides on interesting commerce topics.

Couch DB was brought to my attention as a technology that is meant to scale on undefined hardware by leveraging calculations between users and being compatible to all kind of devices you can think of. The main point is that the same application runs on the server as it also runs on the clients, making it super scalable.

If you imagine scaling an e-commerce solution like Magento it becomes crystal clear. Magento, as other e-commerce solutions do, runs on a server that is handling the data and calculations for the clients. To scale it into an SAAS solution (what they are currently doing as Magento Go) you will need to provide enormous server capacities or reduce the complexity and functionality to a small percentage of the initial meant solution.

Looking at an Couch-DB approach of realising a flexible e-commerce solution, you will find yourself in a very restricted way of developing the application from the start, forcing you to make it scalable out-of-the-box as complicated and non scalable relations cannot be implemented. The beauty at the same time is that performance will never be an issue and given the device and server compatibility, you will be able to have the same programmers working on back end and front end components as they are developed the same way.

Doing a research on Couch-DB based e-commerce solutions and test projects, I could only find some posts in forums mentioning activities. So if you are working with Coch-DB and have gained experience in first projects, may it be commerce related or not, please get in touch to exchange some thoughts.

I am convinced that combined with a great HTML5 setup of locally saved information at the client, brilliant SAAS solutions can be developed using Couch-DB or similar acting database systems.

By the way: We will have a NoSQL / CouchDB database related slot at the commerce track of NEXT11 with Dimitri Melikyan.

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