Moving from supply driven to demand driven commerce

Last week I was hearing a story about a group of people that was upset because of the lack of flights available out of Amsterdam to an event they wanted to visit. Tweeting to KLM they asked for a direct connection and got the reply that this would be made available for them if they manage to find 320 people willing to join. Well, it took them only 5 hours!

Having this in mind I am wondering where in commerce we could find the opportunity to move from supply to demand driven models. One good example is definitely Threadless that kind of revolutionised the fashion industry by identifying via polls what shirts to produce. Instead of having a team of designers struggling to foresee the trends and demands they just asked the users! This example was also given in Umair Haques “The new capitalist manifesto”.

So how could we manage to work smarter in commerce and take advantage of the demand we can identify online? Interesting to know in this context is that Google just recently acquired some travel related companies. Are they planning to use their search information to identify demand, display connections available to users and sell demand information to carriers like airlines?

For sure this area of demand driven commerce and services is only at it’s beginning.

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One Response to Moving from supply driven to demand driven commerce

  1. Arean says:

    check a new startup that tries this on a p2p scale:

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