Commerce Revolution News: Paypal, Google, Square and the holy dollar

It is not easy to be Paypal these days. Over the weekend the fight with Google because of Osama Bedier taking knowledge with him to the Wallet team continued. We learned that it was actually him negotiating the Andriod Paypal deal until he accepted the new job at Google and stopped the talks. From Googles point of view people just have the right to seek better jobs, but I can also understand Paypal really being pissed off.

And if that would not be enough for Paypal, now Square also seems to be about taking a lead when it comes to innovation in payment. In just 8 months they sent out 500,000 card readers and processed a volume of one billion USD. Going after the offline and not online market, the founders say they already see it being more valuable than Paypal. With Google Wallet and Square now going after the offline retail market equipped with the latest mobile technology, Paypal really should try to reply with innovation.

On a different note, Google now started adding flight details to their search results. Not yet using the ITA Software they bought, but willing to integrate after improving for even better information on possible flight directions. As Kayak is right in the middle of its IPO preparations, running 56% of searches through ITA, now fully controlled by Google, might not be too good when it comes to valuation. However, Google is not allowed to stop the service until end of 2013, giving Kayak some time to investigate in alternatives.

To close this news post I highly like to recommend answering to questions raised via Twitter, as it turns out you most likely lose customers if you do not. This is especially true if you are an airline!

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