Flash on the iPad, here is your backdoor

We all know how big gaming is getting in terms of revenue through in app purchases thanks to Facebook and web based games. The only downside of these games is that you will not be able to access them with your be loved Apple devices like the iPad, as Apple will never let Flash run on them and wants to deliver the games through their own App Store to be able to catch their 30% commission.

Being faced with this restriction startup iSwifter saw the opportunity to build a backdoor by just streaming the Facebook and online Flash games like a YouTube Video to the iPad. And I would not be so stunned by this idea if they would not have built a $10 Mio. business out of monthly subscription in just one year!

I find this a great example of how fast the market is moving and how restrictions of the large players enable startups to jump in and cover the needs of the users.

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Serial Entrepreneur & Founder in eCommerce - VP @NewStoreInc - Podcasting @theecomweek - Startup mentor @Venture_Villa

One Response to Flash on the iPad, here is your backdoor

  1. y3 says:

    Ola! Ecompunk,
    Neat Post, There is a new iOS based App that has been approved and was due to launch today by SkyFire which will enable Flash videos on the iPhone.
    Catch you again soon!

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