NFC revolution news: Start ups make NFC tags available online

The NFC revolution goes on slowly but steady. After Nokia launched it’s NFC-Hub (which is not too much Nokia branded) some weeks ago, another start-up named tagstand launched its webshop/service recently. Where NFC-Hub has an assortment of posters and tags with embedded NFC tags, tagstand focusses on a wide variety of NFC stickers. The idea behind both sites is to provide NFC tags in a painless and fast way, also in very small numbers (that means starting from one piece…), to enable also smaller use cases of NFC. In the past it was quite problematic to get hands on small numbers of already written NFC tags since you had to order from mass suppliers.

Both solutions provide an embedded URL in the tags that is changeable online via a portal and let you change the target of the URL to whatever you want. The nice thing here is, that you can change the target once your tags are out in the field. So tags don’t have to be campaign specific any more and can be used cost efficient through longer use times.

Our recommendation: If you already have a NFC enabled phone, get your hands on one of the starter kits and try it out! It makes simply fun to play around with the tags and gives you a good idea of the possibilities of NFC.

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