Today on Freaky Friday: Do you talk tech jibberish or consultant?

Legal disclaimer: What you read here may cause havoc to your project, when applied. Neither nor the author will take any responsibility for the effects. So read carefully. You are responsible for any action you take after reading!
What do you know about language? No idea besides you speak english (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to understand this…)?
First of all it`s a code that makes it possible to describe our world. If people understand the same code, they are able to communicate by language. But what`s the point for ecom project???
For you as first degree in project busting, this means the following: even people that speak the same language (for example english) use different vocabulary and dialect. So that is one hurdle to overcome. And then we have the different meanings of terms and abbreviations (the best I know is “STD” which described a software module for check out data – now you can look up Google, what the common use for this abbreviation is… let’s say this: it’s not the stock chart).
Since you usually have people with different backgrounds from different departments or companies coming together in your ecommerce project, you will pretty sure have loads of misunderstandings based on these factors. Try to sit down the marketing guy with the tech consultant and lock them in a room…
The good thing for you young project guerrilla is this: it comes for free and you do not need to do anything… but you can. Simply try to avoid the finding of a common project language right from the start, for as long as you can. If people do not understand abbreviations or terms, most of them resist to ask, since they feel stupid when they do. So do not tell them!
Also talk in tongues yourself! If you want to go for a special dialect, you should use tech or consultant. Tech is barely spoken by the clients and they feel (as written above) stupid if they ask for meanings. So they don’t.
Consultant is another nice dialect you should be able to talk, if you want to sabotage a project. The good thing with it is that you barely use real meaningful words, but more word shells, that can be widely interpreted. Keep going like that and you will at least slow down the project progress. In best case you will keep misunderstandings coming up frequently.
Come back next week to read about how to use the force of communication theory for the dark side!

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