NFC Revolution News: What’s up?

We haven’t been writing about NFC developments in the last weeks… now here is the update. There was a lot happening recently with one of the promised future technology of ecommerce.

Loads of new devices coming to stores – in the last three weeks I nearly got daily announcements from manufacturers with new devices supporting NFC technology. The list on is growing bigger every day (or at least it feels so). Now all big players in the phone market have / will have soon NFC devices in the stores. You can buy devices from Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry, LG, Acer, Toshiba, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and some smaller suppliers. And here is the good news for Windows Phone users: from version 8 (Mango) on also Windows Phone will support NFC hardware. So only Apple is missing with the big players (hey – we are waiting for iPhone 5… with NFC please!).

Card providers catching up – the German Sparkassen (one of the biggest private banking group) announced this week that they will provide their cards with NFC equipped. They will issue 45 million cards without additional cost to their customers in the next two years. The move should save market share prior to Google rolling out wallet. That is quite an amazing step, since payment via NFC will penetrate the German market really quickly now – also without technical gadgets. Mastercard already launched it’s PayPass in 2007, which was quite early as there were not a lot of systems to provide NFC payments in the stores.

NFC Playground starting on – since we are strong believers in the idea that NFC will have an impact on ecommerce and commerce and can be the bridge between reality and virtual world, we will start the NFC Playground. In this series we will show you hands on some possible (fun) applications of NFC technology to spark your creativity. If you have questions / ideas / scenarios let me know and write me on “kai(at)”.

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