JSConf EU Impressions from Berlin

Saturday night we spent with the JS folks in Berlin. The location for the party was easy to find and we were lucky to get in with our party only tickets as it turned out despite what the tweets said, these were required to enter.

What caught our attention on site was a performance by “Mandy” motivating the Nerds (how I would call most of the participants, having talked to some at arrival) with a song called “A good Geek is hard to find”.

The topic for the show was well chosen as there were surprisingly no business or VC people within the party folks. I had the impression the JS movement is really at its early beginning until we met someone from Microsoft who told us that they are heavily investing in making Node.JS run fast on Windows. They see the JS stack in a unique position to replace current stacks like LAMP or .NET.

Another interesting detail we were told by a Wooga developer was that they are about to launch their first full HTML5 game and are planning to continue development within this technology if they are not facing major issues. Great to see that games are moving ahead with HTML5 and JS as obviously if they are not suffering from performance issues, who else will?

Concerning commerce solutions using JS technologies there seems to be high interest throughout the skilled agencies to make use of it in custom client projects, but they did not realize a full end to end JS solution covering server and client, yet. Also there are no standard components or something like a framework available and that makes it hard for developers to enter this exciting field at the moment.

In talks with various people including the organizers of the event we found that they see the JS stack at a state where LAMP has been about 10 to 15 years from now and with a bright future. But as we know time moves faster nowadays so I would expect that the hype around this will hit us latest in two years from now.

We will definitely continue to cover the topic on ecomPunk!

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