K5 Conference: Videos (1st batch)

As mentioned before, the three of us roamed the place in order to get some “victims” in front of our camera. And without further ado, have a look at what they had to say:

René Marius Köhler from Internetstores AG (fahrrad.de etc.) talks about how they manage to be successful in four different market segments (bike, outdoor, fitness, living).

Natalia Bobkova from Itembase talks about their new service, an information platform for retailers and brands.

Marc Korthaus from SysEleven has a few words on scaling databases.

Thomas Brandtner, working for sport-auktion.de, says something about their auction platform for sports merchandise.

Anastasios Paliakoudis from Der Zuckerbäcker talks about their web store that sells traditional sweets like “in the old days”.

Watch this space for more!

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