NFC Revolution News: Linux, Blackberry and metro payment

We have a couple of updates for our Near Field Communication reporting.

The new version of the Linux kernel 3.1 brings NFC support. So from now on Linux systems can use NFC directly. Let’s see what the Linux community will do with it…

BlackBerry now has two official Mastercard certified models, the Bold 9900 and Curve 9360. Both models are certified for the PayPass system of the payment provider. The users can configure a PayPass activated account on their mobile and use it with NFC to make payments with PayPass enabled payment terminals.

The Bangalore metro in India now has a fully functional system for NFC payments. Since only few users have NFC enabled phones, the metro has a cooperation with the Bank of India, which supplies NFC enabled banking cards to be used with the system. The cards can be loaded with credits via ATM or online and will be debited when touched to the terminals in train stations. As an add on the trains are also equipped with WLan. Wish we had one of those here…

The drugstore chain Schlecker will equip all their 1.000 austrian stores with new NFC enabled payment terminals. The rollout will start this autumn. The terminals will use the PayPass system of Mastercard. Users can pay up to 25€ with just taping their card to the terminal. Transactions with more than 25€ require a PIN or signature.

So overall it seems that NFC gains more and more drive. Stay tuned to get the latest updates!

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