Sweets for my sweet – how to sell candy with love

Selling candy online is not a new idea. But how to find a unique way of selling them? Candy is not just sugar in nice form. Candy is also memories. Der Zuckerbäcker put this at he heart of it’s business. The idea is to bring back the feeling and memories of the Tante Emma Laden. The founders invest a lot of time in contact with their customers, listen to them and find out, what they really want. The actual product assortment is based on these customer centred communication. In this way the offered products are chosen together to bring back the feeling of the old times. In return for this effort the customers are very loyal.

Beware the mighty ecomPunk test… I ordered lots of candy – I love these tests :-) And I was surprised – in the positive way. The test package I ordered was packed with love. Some stickers and extra candy were placed in the box, and made me smile. All sweets were packed in paper bags, just like they were when I was a kid. The candy I ordered was correct in quality and quantity, even though I ordered in a kind of fuzzy logic – a little bit of nearly everything. Also the delivery was very fast – so the hunger for sweets could be satisfied in time. So the test really was passed with distinction. The love came via parcel service.

At the heart of the business is not the selling of candy, but the happiness to do something fun and good for the customer. They want to be the ones to let you run down the street in your old soapbox, to fight the monsters down in the cellar and bring back the memories of spending your first earned money for a bag of candy. And by the assortment and the packaging the effect is brought to the customer. The product range comes not only from their ideas, but also from listening to customers carefully, when they ask for specific candy from the old days. Afterwards the team tries to find the producer and brings the product to the shop. This is for sure one reason, why the customer loyalty is very high.
The founders started with marketing budget of zero – only from their savings. Nowadays they can at least live from the company, even if they not get rich in the moment. Apart from the founders a team of four employees now works for delivering candy to the customers.

The concept is nice and it works! The Zuckerbäcker does a good job. The big question for the future will be: does it scale? How will they conserve the “love” aspect when growing business? We press our thumbs and will look closely – and order candy :-) If you want to take a closer look, here is a tv feature (around 6:20; only german).

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