NFC Revolution News: NFC coming to SIM and SD Cards

NFC tag © 2011 by Kai-Thomas KrauseNot only the number of mobile devices supporting NFC is growing every week, but now two other ways of utilizing NFC in a mobile handset emerged.

The GSM Association (GSMA) published a mobile NFC specification, that describes how to implement NFC technology directly in the SIM cards. Already 45 of the leading mobile operators commited to support and implement the new SIM solution. With the supporting companies are KPN (e-Plus), Telekom (Deutsche & T-mobile US), Telefónica and Vodafone. So in near future you do not need a NFC enabled phone, but can use the system via the SIM card – smart solution, also for people that do not want/can not affort a smartphone.

Quite the same idea, but on another card format: the SD Association and GlobalPlatform announced a collaboration to enable CD cards for new applications like NFC. The support should be implemented for micro-SD and normal format SD cards. In this way all devices supporting the SD card standard can be enabled to use NFC technology. This is not only the case for mobile phones, but also tablets, laptops etc.

As we can see new ways of using NFC technology are evolving and the systems use gets more independent from the usage with credit cards providers or phone  models. If these solutions are market ready, basically everyone using a mobile handset or other mobile device will be able to use NFC and also choose which solution he will use: handset embedded, SIM or SD-card. This seems like another major step to make NFC universally available.

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