Today on Freaky Friday: Politics can be fun…*

Politics © 2011 by Kai-Thomas KrauseThe political ecosystem of your company, but also that of the client can be a wonderful source to sabotage projects. May be you think bad about politics, because in the past it spoiled a lot of the things you wanted to do. So far so good. But think again!

Because you can actively use it to ruin every project. There is an easy rule: the bigger the company the better is the chance to find a big political underground. To understand the networks between the actors and also their roles, influence and power is crucial for using it the right – oh sorry: wrong – way. If you know how the stakeholders interact with one another you can use them to slow down or avoid processes happening. Also you can gain a lot of influence on what is happening in the project and which direction it will take in the future. In best case you can really stop a project. You just have to become a “people whisperer”…

The best possible case of politics are people imprisoned in an organisation who are afraid of loosing their job plus have a certain power. You can literally play with their fear. They will do pretty much everything to save their ass. You can use this perfectly, if you let them think that your suggestions will make their job save or empower their own position. Also politics can be greatly influenced with what information you provide to whom. So together with the other disciplines of the communication sabotage you have a mighty tool here to influence and screw up the way you want it.

Just use some of the tactics described above. Give the influencers just the information they need to go on with their own idea of how things should work. In this way you can steer the political underground. But be careful to attach to closely to some of these people to much, since you can be seen to be in their camp. So it’s better to stay somewhere neutral (as much as possible). This tactic is good for you for two simple reasons. First if some of your contacts are getting sacked, your position is not directly on the line with them. The second reason is that if you are somewhat neutral in the political domain, you can have influence on all sides, because everyone sees you as an independent player. So the info you give will be trusted more. To make this even more efficient, you can use  middleman to spread your information to the ones you like to reach. But pick wisely – and be sure you know the motives of the middleman, so that you can be sure that your information has the impact you want.

As you can see, politics are a mighty source of destruction. And you can be sure that there’s always politics around. Maybe not visible on the surface, but deep down below there is something simmering for sure. So now get out and get political – and have fun…

* Legal disclaimer: What you read here may cause havoc to your project, when applied. Neither nor the author will take any responsibility for the effects. So read carefully. You are responsible for any action you take after reading!

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