Today on Freaky Friday: Let creativity spark – all the time*

Peppers, Copyright by Kai-Thomas KrauseCreativity sure is a great thing! It’s needed to come from standard procedures to something new and projects pave the road (to get some theory here: a project is per definition something that has never been done in this form before). Creative phases during the running project make sure that all creative sparks are catched – and also guarantee that your project will be ruined. If you do not define a closing date for creative changes and allow people to run wild with their imagination and change everything at any time, you will not just fail on timing, but in most cases also on budget and resources. With some clients this will be a huge challenge, because most clients want to make changes all the time at any time. If you can not avoid this, at least the timing will be ruined.

Right from the start you should encourage creative thinking with all stakeholders. Try to avoid a closing date for changes in scope at any means. The rest will run itself – if you lay the foundation, you do not need to do anything else. This is the perfect self-ruining project…

The best utilisation from this method comes, if your client gets a new person in charge of the project during the project. This is the best case scenario. For example: after the design phase should have been closed, a new manager on client side comes on board. Encourage this new person to get all its creativity going and throw over the whole design (because it’s sooo bad). Do not fight against it, just let it go! And new people on projects can barely arrange with what their predecessor did. Usually they think and feel all bad about what is already there. Therefore they will try to change as much as possible, to make the project to be their baby, even if it’s half way through. Think about it: you just support this here and there by doing nothing – the new guy is changing everything. Therefore you are not the person to be blamed in the end.

The impact on timeline and budget is pretty clear. You will miss the deadline and have to keep resources on the project for longer. So here is the next big chance for sabotage inside the sabotage. Do not try to recalculate the spending or – even worse – to bill that additional cost to the client. Just keep everything inside your company. In this way you have great chances of not only driving the project to hell, but also your company. Also resist the idea of rescheduling your project plan. Just leave it as it is and try to squeeze the new things in (that is what the client wants anyway). In the end you will have a missed go live, a broken timeline, ruined business case and maximum exhausted ressources. Perfect sabotage mission accomplished :-)

* Legal disclaimer: What you read here may cause havoc to your project, when applied. Neither nor the author will take any responsibility for the effects. So read carefully. You are responsible for any action you take after reading!

2 Responses to Today on Freaky Friday: Let creativity spark – all the time*

  1. TW says:

    Nice post!

    By the way is it self-ruining or self-running project? Nice mistake if it was one :-)…

    • Kai says:

      Thanks :-) You are right, it’s a nice word twist- I wasn’t aware of it, but it really was meant to be “self-ruining”…

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