Today on Freaky Friday: Best of 2011

Today for the lonely souls sitting in front of their office computer on the last day before Christmas – bored to death – we provide a genuine collection of our Freaky Friday 2011 series. Have fun reading!


The lonely path of the Admin Warriors

Why you should be admins best friend, if you want to spoil your projects. And what admins can do.

Peppers, Copyright by Kai-Thomas KrauseLet creativity spark – all the time

Have fun with creative ideas all along your projects and use creativity to make it an endless endeavour…


Politics © 2011 by Kai-Thomas KrausePolitics can be fun…

Politics is companies seem boring and destructive to most people – read here, why you should embrace politics!


Bring your friends to the party

It’s always more fun, if you are not alone. So grab some friends and get them inside your company.


A new relationship? I just broke up…

Relationships are sometimes exhausting. But in ecommerce you need partnerships to get along. Read here why.


Workshops? Noooo need!

Workshops are burning time. Or not? May be so. But they are useful! Sometimes… confused? Read more…


How to use the dark side of communication theory

You were always curious how the dark side is like? Read our comprehensive guide to go to the dark side of communication.


Do you talk tech jibberish or consultant?

Learning new languages is a good thing and always useful. Especially if you want to ruin a project. So get back to school and learn!

Merry Christmas from the whole ecomPunk team!!!

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