Today on Freaky Friday: some statistics and a nice hagmanay!

The whole ecomPunk team wishes you a nice hogmanay (that’s Scot for new year’s eve)! We already posted a retrospect for 2011. Additional this little post reflects what happened on in 2011 from the statistical point of view. The blog was started by Alex and Rayan on 04.06.2011, end of June Kai joined and end of August Roman completed the team. Since the beginning around 25.000 words have been written on the site (pure content – excluding citations, link texts etc.). This is the equivalent to 87 DIN A4 pages in a word processor. The graphic below shows the most used words on the blog an gives an idea of the focus of 2011.

The whole team is curious of what will happen in 2012 and how the numbers will look in 12 month. We will keep you updated with relevant, good investigated and original content! Join the commerce revolution with for an exciting 2012!

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