NFC Revolution News: New devices at CES

We have some interesting news from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

As newest company now with an NFC enabled handset Sony unveiled it’s brand new Xperia S flagship phone. Now every major mobile brand has at least one model on the market that is NFC enabled. And there are much more to come, as you can see on NFC Worlds phone list.

The real interesting news came from Intel: This year more than 75 ultrabooks will be available from different brands. This second generation is expected around easter. Besides support for USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt the Ivy Bridge processor base will have NFC integrated. Yes, NFC in a notebook! What for??? you may ask yourself. Paying with your ultrabook at the POS at Starbucks? The idea is more the other way round – to use your ultrabook as a payment terminal and use your NFC enabled credit /debit cards with it. Wouldn’t that make online shopping much nicer? Without typing card info in endless forms – just swiping it over your notebook? I personally like the idea. And besides this obvious new use case NFC technique in this device class will be a start to new emerging ideas around the use of NFC.

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