Roman’s Rants: Who the heck is Anna from Simfy?

Two very annoying women keep showing up in my mailbox: Since registering for the Germany-based music streaming service Simfy, I’ve received numerous mails, written from a virtual Julia as well as a virtual Anna urging me to subscribe to a premium service. And I have this to say: Screw you and leave me the fuck alone!

I know it’s all about being personal these days. In the light of the social media hype, every company wants to at least appear open and approachable. Not to be mistaken: I am very much in favour of this development if this is done the right way. Right means authentic, believable, human. Mister Spex, an online store for contact lenses and glasses, for instance, have a real life Jessica and Tanja who talk to people via their Facebook page as well as their Twitter account – where you can actually see who they are – and  have successfully built their fanbase that way. And I’m sure that I spoke to one of them on the phone when I had an issue with my order and tweeted about it. They don’t bother you via E-Mail. They just engage in conversation about everything that is closely related to everything, well, optical. And, they don’t sponsor ecomPunk in any way – this is just a human response to something human.

With Simfy, we talk about something completely different. Apparently for those guys it’s enough to put a girl’s name in a spammy-fucking-automailer and be the uber-communicators. What the hell?! If you want to personalise your mass communication, do it in a clever way: tweak your copy, integrate images or video, tell a story. Otherwise, call a spade a spade: “Hi, this your gazillionth reminder spam from Simfy with a script-generated sender name.”

Cannot wait for Spotify to be available in this country.

(Image by dok1)

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One Response to Roman’s Rants: Who the heck is Anna from Simfy?

  1. Matthias says:

    I’m feeling the same – and it’s even more disturbing that I already unsubscribed two times and I’m still getting e-mails.

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