NFC Revolution News: New ideas from the CES

As we already reported, the CES brought some news for NFC. But not only NFC enabled notebooks will come to stores soon, but also some other use cases will likely be transferred to real life. Semiconductor producer NXP presented some interesting ideas for application. One is the customization of still packed electronic goods like mobiles. Customer will be able to select a background and a text to be displayed, when it is turned on the first time. Perfect for personalization of presents. Since the data is transferred via NFC it is also no problem to erase and overwrite these settings – in case the presentee doesn’t like it.

Also the reported NFC enabled notebooks will have the ability to communicate much easier with mobiles and tablets. NXP showed a mobile with an opened website swiped over the notebook to open the same site as an example.

Also NFC chips with the serial number of devices should be implemented on the main board to make unique identification easier. This should be used as a measure against fraud, since in a lot of cases serial number labels are changed between devices to make an exchange possible.

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