How Logitech saved the day

I am a frequent online buyer. I like to get the stuff I want via parcel service, the descriptions online, the recommendations and the availability (and wonder every time I go to my local electronics seller if they have got the thing I want…). Also, if I find a good offer, I’m kind of an impulsive buyer. So overall I would say: I like online shopping! But sometimes there are these days when I really hate it …I do not hate the shopping per se, but I hate buggy shop systems. With now around 10 years experience in software development and retail I am looking at the small things as well. So here is what happend: I wanted to buy a famous TV remote bundle from Logitech, a well known Austrian company. I surfed to the site and found a “send back” promo. Perfect, since I have loads of old keyboards in my cellar … and for filling this in I got a 20% promo code. Yeehaaa! Now let’s go shopping.
Site navi was fine, I found the product in just a few clicks. Now let’s enter the promo code. Ummm, nothing happened … only the promo code field went blank. OK, let’s enter ‘foo’ to test the function. OK, now I get an error message that tells me to add a ‘0’ if I have an only numbers code. Fuck! What’s wrong? No other message…
But I must admit it was me who was wrong… in the small print of the send back promo I was able to find the sentence “not applicable to other promos”. Shit – my desired product is a bundle promo. So I expect a message telling me that bundles do not work with promo codes. OK, no 20% off, but I still want it desperately! During this process a little pop up chat window opened, with the company’s shopping assistant called Anja. She offered me a 5% instant discount if I ordered right now. Hmmm, ok, I know that this is a robot, but let’s see what happens. I type in that I have a 20% voucher that doesn’t work. She still offers me 5%. Even after another silly question, which is not answered, she offers me 5%. OK, got me, I want this shit. So I clicked the provided link. After a few seconds, the shopping cart was updated and the price of former 79€ was: (tadaaaa) still 79€, but with the nice little notice “including 5% rebate” next to it. Ummm, with the math I learned at school I know that 79€ minus 5% is not 79€. Now I wanted to make sure that this was not just a display error. So I went through the whole checkout, just to find 79€ as the total price before the final buying. Then I closed the browser.When things like this happen I ask myself, if these shops are tested accurately.
That I was wrong: OK, my fault. That there is not even a message telling the user that his code is not applicable for bundle products: absolutely not OK. That the rebate the shopping assistant offers me doesn’t work: simply sucks! Was the QA sleeping? Was there QA anyway?The next day I decided to call the ecommerce hot line of Logitech to tell them … and was positively surprised. A friendly help desk guy took all my anger without hesitation, tried the steps I tried and in the end apologized for the shop’s behaviour. And as compensation, he gave me a 35% one time voucher code! So finally I bought the already massively reduced set for 52 € instead of 79 €. The customer service made up for the shop’s errors. But why? Promo codes are such an essential feature of most online shops, I simply do not get the fact that you have massive errors like that.
I’m just curious how many potential customers Logitech have already lost because of this bug. So Logitech, please listen up: if you wonder about the high number of abandoned shopping carts and drops in conversion rate in your reports, read the above carefully – it comes as free consulting to you :-)

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