The Oryx Project turns out to be (ex) Rocket Internet powered by OTTO

Hot off the (Berlin) press: Some ex managers from the Samwer startup incubator Rocket Internet have started a new company. What has become known as the Oryx-Project yesterday has now apparently found quite a potent investor: Otto, the veteran German retailer.

This is a rough translation of the news issued by just minutes ago:

According to, the investor that has been mentioned is the retail giant Otto. In fact, it is Otto itself and not its investment branch eventure Capital. It is not yet certain whether the deal has already been signed or not. The guys from Berlin – Christian Weiß, Thies Sander and Uwe Horstmann – are allegedly negotiating with other major investors. Apparently, the team wants to present a well-filled safe before its official start. In the meantime, we also know more about the name of the new incubator. The working title The Oryx Project will be changed to Project A Ventures. The self-proclaimed A team is already trying to hire new employees.

During our coverage of the K5 Conference (Day 1, Day 2) we have managed to pull one of the aforementioned founders, Uwe Horstmann, in front of our camera, where we asked him what would be the “next big thing”:

Of course he didn’t give a clear answer to that. But after the Samwer email talking about eg. furniture as one of the most promising business areas for global commerce and partnering with Otto now gives us an idea of what could be expected. We’ll certainly keep our eyes open!

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  1. Kenneth says:

    Not sure if you realize it or not but this site’s css/design overlaps the red bar under the title over the Otto logo…intentional? Probably not :-(

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