Otto investment in The Oryx Project confirmed

Yesterday we reported about the possible investment of the Otto Group in The Oryx Project. As the website of SPIEGEL ONLINE reported yesterday evening, the investment of the Otto Group  in the startup The Oryx Project is now confirmed.

Oryx did not want to comment on the details of the deal, but the Otto Group confirmed the investment, leaving the amount unknown. (SPIEGEL ONLINE, translated)

The newly launched website of The Oryx Project has some more details about the direction the company will take:

The aim is to build new companies in the areas internet and mobile and to lead them to sustainable growth. We will be happy with technologically challenging topics, but also with concepts that are established alike in other markets.

The core team of The Oryx Project consists of Uwe Horstmann (former CEO of Rocket Internet), Thies Sander (former CEO of TopTarif) and Christian Weiss (founding CEO of Rocket Internet).

Oliver Samwer deflects the criticism against the management of the Rocket Internet startups. Some of the ex-employees reported a climate of pressure and  anxiety according to SPIEGEL ONLINE. Where Samwer argues that also the big companies as SAP and Microsoft frequently change their management teams, experts assess the situation more critical, since the Samwer empire lost some of its closest comrades.

As our partner site reports , The Oryx Project will also be at the Exceed conference 2012 in Berlin.

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