The rise of the tablet and couch commerce

These days some interesting surveys about tablet computers made the news. So here I will give you an update of this interesting development.

Number of tablets and e-book readers nearly doubles in the US

According to the study of Pew Internet the number of tablet and e-book readers doubled over the last holiday gift-giving period. The number of device-owners rose from 10% to 19% for both device types compared 2010 to 2011 holiday season. That makes an amazing overall number of 29% of tablet or e-book reader owners in the US! The study is based on a representative survey of 1.000 participants and gives a good idea of what is happening on the tablet / e-bbok reader market. The drivers of this development are for sure the more and more emerging android based tablets and the still heavy selling iPad. But also the Kindle Fire from amazon and the Nook color from Barnes & Noble, which both are a mixture of an e-book reader with tablet capabilities – selling for just $199.

Tablet users spend the most money / the emerge of couch comme

A recently published study by Adobe showed, that tablet users spend 21% more money in average compared to PC or laptop users. Compared to smartphone sales the tablets make 54% more money. To make this survey Adobe analysed 16,2 billion datasets of the 150 most successful US online retailers. In average the comsumers spent $71 on smartphones, $96 on PC / laptops and $111 on tablet purchases. Interesting is that cosumers went shopping on their tablets mostly on weekends with 34% – that is a clear indication of the rising couch commerce.

With this data we can estimate, that the trend to couch commerce and the rise of the tablet as a premium shopping channel will go much further in 2012. Even with the actual overall visits per device the tablet only makes 4% traffic compared to 6% from smartphones and 90% from PC / laptops, the trend is clearly there.

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