Roman’s Rants: Info Embargoes at Media-Saturn

It’s almost funny to see how companies sometimes cling to be past. A past where information could be controlled, channelled and censored. A past where it was relatively easy to make customers believe that a company spoke with one single voice. A past where walled gardens of information could be maintained. But helloooo: This is 2012. People do research. People find out. People share. People are not stupid. When do you fucking get it, for the love of God?!

Big deal, you might say now, it’s their own right to allow what’s happening in their store. Of course it’s legal for them to control what’s going on on their premises, I don’t deny that. But – it’s fucking stupid!

Let me get this straight, Dear Media-Saturn people. There are tons of people coming into your stores, ready to have a look around, wanting to get some information on products or even wanting to leave some money there. And now you see somebody taking a picture with his mobile phone because he wants to share how cool his buddy looks when playing that new Playstation game. Got it? Share! These people are willing to show and talk about stuff that is connected to your brand. It’s free advertising, for crying out loud. Maybe they used a Media Markt hashtag, they might check in using some geolocation service – sheer endless possibilities. Rather than playing the fucking watchdog, why not do the exact opposite and actually encourage this kind of sharing? Hook up every device that has a lense on it to Facebook and Twitter and let people generate fun content for you. And if there a pictures circulating about your understaffed counter, and this is brought out into the open, it’s your chance to react and participate in the discussion (rather than censoring it and have some annyoing ecomPunk rant about it).

There is bound to be a certain number of people using their mobile phones to research prices online. Deal with it, this is 2012, and as stated above, people are not stupid. Again, rather than being arseholes about this, embrace the opportunity of a potential customer being right there in your store and convert him! Why not provide free internet access and some nice tabletes to allow price comparison right on the spot? If you cannot beat the prices of price comparison pages – which you could because you’re European biggest bloody electronics retailer – make a deal with those sites and get some money with some affiliate deals. Even better, come up with a clever way of upselling the customer. Or get a full-breasted sales assistant to join him for a cup of coffee when he buys the thing right there right then – be creative!

I can sooo imagine Social Media specialists, experts and messiahs being invited to Media Saturn for gazillions of Euros to come up with a great online strategy for the 21st century; they are either full of shit or management don’t give a crap. Either way, you know where you can find us, we are looking forward to your call!! (Image by gruntzooki)

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