ecomPunk is proud media partner of “ecommerce Poland” trade fair

We always try to broaden our view on the European ecommerce market and what’s happening there. Therefore we are very delighted to announce our media partnership with the “ecommerce Poland” trade fair. We will report about Polish ecommerce and the event in the coming weeks.

Although Central European Internet market is growing up rapidly, there’s still space for intelligent and integrated business solutions supporting stable growth of ecommerce businesses.
Many small- and middle- sized entrepreneurs are lacking knowledge about how to focus on their businesses by outsourcing specialized services and by automation of certain processes.
On the other hand there are plenty of suppliers of ecommerce-focused products and services that cannot be easily evaluated by quick internet lookup. Looking into the Past that were key causes that made Polak 2.0 Foundation to organize physical meetup (in the form of a trade fair) of ecommerce community in Poland in May 2011. According to exhibitors’ impressions it was a great success worth a follow-up.

Coming back to the Present, we are looking forward to participate in second edition of “ecommerce Poland” trade fair with even broader vision. The aim of “ecommerce Poland” is providing ideal conditions for integration of entrepreneurs from eastern and western Europe. This year’s edition is targeted to over 110 exhibitors and over 1200 visitors.

Why the organizers put so much effort to make it happen in Poznan? Poznan is perfectly localized being in the middle of Berlin-Warsaw route (around 350km from each city). Venue is in very close distance to the airport (Poznań Ławica) and a railway station.

Potential benefits are unquestionable – an opportunity to generate viable business contacts, learning new markets and potential cooperating companies and first of all getting new customers.
Among confirmed exhibitors there are logistics, SEO/SEM services, hosting, ecommerce platforms represented by companies like….

E-Commerce Poland trade fair, organized by Polak 2.0 Foundation, will held on the 2.nd of March 2012 in Poznań. Booking exhibition space and presentation slots is available on Registration (free of charge) for Visitors will be available soon.

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