Who the fuck is … Coupies?

We know you just cannot get enough of these, and so we proudly present yet another series: Who the fuck is …? On a more or less regular basis, we will introduce you to companies that are working in an area of commerce we find particularly interesting or have been in the news lately (for a good reason) or have paid us loads of money to pay for all our punky extravagance. Anyways, today we’d like to present Coupies, a mobile couponing service from Cologne.

We came across Coupies on our quest for businesses building cool applications using the NFC technology. Last Monday, Coupies CEO Frank Schleimer took the time to answer some questions about what his business is doing, where it’s heading and where he sees the future of mobile applications. He also demoed their app for uns, and without further ado, let’s get to the interview:

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