F-Commerce: Hate to say I told you so

When I do one of my rants, I usually act according to gut feeling, depending on what I see and read during my daily work. So, it came as an extra-nice surprise when my fellow punk Kai pointed me to an article titled Facebook Is Losing E-Commerce that supports what I have been arguing about some time ago. Here, the author quotes an Bloomberg article, according to which retailers such as Gamestop and J.C. Penney have shut down their ecommerce offerings on Facebook again because they apparently didn’t perform as well as planned. Reasons for that, according to the author, can be found in FB’s “terrible” design, the fact that there’s not an easy way to separate one’s friends according to their fashion tastes for example (he gives the omnipresent Pinterest as an example for a site that actually works in this respect) and that FB has not had a very good track record when it comes to data security and privacy.

So, F-Commerce supporters, it’s your turn now – I’ve got my popcorn ready ;-)

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2 Responses to F-Commerce: Hate to say I told you so

  1. Sebastian says:

    For F-Commerce is see not much hope either, but for social commerce? I think things like pinterest or thefancy are on a good way!
    FB future might be more about social search

    • Roman says:

      I agree, there’s a case to be made of social layers for commerce. In the current state, however, FB does not deliver in this regard.

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