Online Retail Sales Will Rise

The U.S. market research company Forrester just released its newest market forecast for the retail market. The future seems to look bright for retailers: The forecast says that companies in the U.S. will make $327 billion in 2016. Compared to the 2010’s $177 billion that’s nearly twice as much.

In 2011, already 53% of the american population bought something online. That number is expected to grow to 56% in 2016. The sales growth will also be fed by the growing amount people spend shopping online. It is projected to rise from $1207 in 2011 to an amazing $1738 by 2016 (yes, that’s the average yearly spending of U.S. consumers for online shopping). Also it seems that the consumers broaden the range of stuff they buy online. Where the majority of sales is actually quite narrowed to just some categories, it is expected to open to much more in future.

Forrester points out that comsumers find shopping easier than ever before, with mobile and tablet shopping arising. As we posted earlier the impact of tablet commerce will come to markets!

The sales in the EU are expected to grow from $130 billion in 2011 to $230 billion in 2016.

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