Curiosity Shop: Payment via Geode

A while ago, we have linked to the Moneto service that basically allowed payments via MasterCard’s Paypass, by means of adding RFID functionality to iPhones. With Geode, which is currently a quite successful Kickstarter project, the concept is taken one step further.

There’s a well-made video that explains it all (see below), so here is only a rough outline: Imagine a sort of additional mobile phone hardware set that makes it possible to scan credit cards, loyalty cards etc. and save them in your device. It contains an e-ink display making it possible to present barcodes to conventional bar code scanners. It contains a credit card scanner/writer to enable users to store credit card information on their device and copy them over to a universal credit card which can then be used as the original. And imagine a fingerprint-scanner that makes this extra-secure. Sounds crazy? Yep! Is it cool? You bet!

Geode by iCache

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