CTO/Co-Founder of Magento leaves

Yoav Kutner, the CTO and Co-Founder of the well-known webshop software Magento has left the company. What has started out as a rumour within the community a couple of weeks ago, has now been confirmed by him in recent tweets. Until now, there has not been an official statement by eBay, the company that has acquired Magento about half a year ago.

From the early days of the software that entered the OpenSource ecommerce world by storm, Yoav was part of the dynamic duo that made Magento this much of a success. While Roy Rubin was brilliant in marketing the product, always thinking big and global (I was a witness when he claimed that Magento wanted to become “the Google of ecommerce”), Yoav was his congenial partner, responsible for pushing development further and making Magento stick to even the most ambitious schedules. In this position, he kept close to the community, listening to developers’ suggestions and criticism. And he was the one who had the dubious pleasure of informing the latter about the eBay deal at the Magento Developers’ Paradise 2011.

So, eBay lose one of their most important employees about a month before their ambitious yearly Imagine conference – which in itself leaves room for interpretation –  and everybody is wondering why. Was it eBay’s corporate structure and thinking that made it impossible for Kutner to maintain the breathing space necessary for Magento’s further development? Or, even worse, did something bad happen to the Magento 2 project that was pushed forward by him? We hope to get some more information after the dust has settled.

Until then: Thx a bunch Yoav and the best of luck to you!

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4 Responses to CTO/Co-Founder of Magento leaves

  1. neofelis says:

    Magento Untergangsprophet ;)

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