Spring of Shop Systems

In about two weeks from now, the spring of shop systems will start here in Germany. If you’re either working with Magento, OXID or Shopware, this is the time to get to know each product’s strategy and (re)connect with the respective communities. Needless to say that the Punks will be at Meet Magento in Leipzig (21/22 May),  OXID Commons in Freiburg (24 May) and the Shopware Community Day in Ahaus (1 June).  Magento has fired off a show of new features at the recent Magento Imagine conference already and OXID has published version 4.6 of their software, containing performance updates and support for downloadable products. Shopware will present the brandnew version 4 of their software which will be published based on the AGPL license and will contain new features such as a completely overhauled backend and new reporting functions.

(Image by morning_rumtea)

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