mobile commerce is not mobile at all!

Honestly speaking do you purchase stuff online on the go? Stressing from one place to another with more or less stable internet connection nobody likes to make decisions about the next investment into new clothing or electronic equipment. I only found myself using the eBay app to make a last second bit in an auction I wanted to win desperately. However, eBay “forced” me to shop mobile as I was on the go at the time the auction ended. In any other case I used the smartphone for comparison or to get direction but not to actually place a transaction.

As shown in a study by WorldPay 95% of online shopping happens at home. And that makes absolutely sense to me as that is the place where I am relaxed and ready to make decisions about what to buy next and take my time to compare information about products and sales. Additionally everybody in commerce knows that the rush hour in online shops in terms of orders is starting at 8pm and that is the time most of us are on the couch at home.

And what kind of devices are you using on the couch or in the living room that was voted 1st place as shopping location at home? A recent study from Zanox says it is the tablet that gains attention:

In 2011, the long-promised tablet-revolution finally took place. As a result, in December 2011, the iPad was behind 50 percent of all revenues generated via the mobile channel. In the zanox performance network, the average revenue per transaction generated via the iPad is 63 percent higher than that for the iPhone and double the amount made by Android devices. The iPad is therefore the No. 1 revenue-generator and the motor for all mobile commerce in Europe.

Despite tablets TVs are also getting ready for the commerce battle at home. At this years CES Samsung presented its latest Smart TVs supporting voice, face and motion control. The video below presents how it technically works and also unveils that online shops and the software in general are not ready to move the TV in the position of a 1st screen for shopping, yet. Anyhow, I see them already in a good position as 2nd screen linked to other devices as smartphones and tablets.

disclosure: alexander is founder and ceo of CouchCommerce and tends to be very excited about news concerning post pc devices like tablets.

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