NFC Update: the battle seems to be on…

Recently it seemed that the NFC ecosystem just grew with all manufacturers throwing devices on the market. On the other hand it seemed to me (at least here in Germany) that there was not much movement in means of acceptance terminals in the shops. But one little message made it in the news today. And that was not easy to notice, since everyone is speculating  like wild if the new iPhone will have NFC on board or not (I don’t provide a link here – just type iPhone 5 NFC in Google…).

Telefónica Deutschland will massively rollout POS terminals for NFC until the end of the year. That was announced in an interview with the Handelsblatt. This will happen with the Mpass group which consists of Telefónica Deutschland, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. The group is developing the Mpass platform for two years now and will provide new SIM cards with a special security layer. This could be a mayor advantage over the commonly used NFC chips, as NFC security was a topic in the press in the last time.

So it seems that the telecom players in Germany want to take the leap ahead and battle the creditcard companies with their systems. I think it’s anyway a good move to bring NFC payments to broad acceptance with the consumer. That’s only possible if they can finally pay with it. Since all players in the payment market a big ones it will be interesting what will happen in the next month. I only hope that it will not get complicated due to several NFC payment processes and the consumer is confronted with 5 different NFC terminals at the POS…

Picture by Tom Purves

3 Responses to NFC Update: the battle seems to be on…

  1. sigi714 says:

    I would like to ask Alex for a comment here, Hannover is girogo pilot region, there should be plenty of NFC payment terminals out there. Those will also be capable of Visa/Mastercard NFC technique.

    • Kai says:

      I’ll ask Alex to comment also, but here is my: You are right. girogo is an initiative from the Sparkassen in the Hannover region. But until now I only saw loads of billboard advertising. And even if there was a terminal to pay with girogo – I personally didn’t get a new NFC enabled card yet (also no one from my friends). And believe me: I’m waiting for one from the moment they announced girogo…

  2. Alexander says:

    I can only confirm what Kai said. Maybe they should have waited with this campaign until they had more coverage of NFC enabled bank cards. From my point of view terminals are not the issue as there seem to be plenty of them around here.

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