Update on the publishing industry: Newsweek goes all digital in 2013

Logo copyright by NewsweekJust yesterday we wrote on the publishing industry in Germany. My conclusion was that the publisher should embrace digital as a chance and not a side feature. And now this: Newsweek the 80 year old US newsmagazine announced today that they will stop printing by the end of the year and move to digital only!

The reason for this spectacular move is the ever growing tablet and online market for news. Already nearly 40% of americans prefer their news in digital format. Therefore Newsweek decided to serve this channel only and shift their services completely to digital.

I think that’s an amazing move. It shows that such a move is possible. It also demonstrates the fresh thinking of the Newsweek leaders. This is exactly what I mean by embracing digital. The chance to serve the customers better and faster is at the core and the digital channel is seen as opportunity rather than a danger. I’m not saying that every magazine should go all digital (once in a while I like to have a paper issue in my hands), but that this radical move shows what’s possible.




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