Welcome Venda!

HomeWe are happy to announce that from now on Venda is the proud sponsor of the ecomPunk blog! I’d like to introduce this company to our dear readership and write some words about their brilliant shop system and why they are a great fit.

Venda provides a rich SaaS ecommerce system since 2001, when they were founded. That is much longer than most of its competitors. The company is based in London, UK and has focused on its home market for a long time (which makes sense since the UK ecommerce market is one of the biggest in Europe). In 2013 Venda will finally come to more European countries and roll out its services there.

I must admit that I did know nothing at all about Venda until 12 month ago, when our punk Alex got in touch with them. I was a bit disappointed  since I regarded myself as a well informed person in the ecommerce sphere. I was really stunned about the Venda platform when I was introduced, since it offers hundreds of integrations and a rich UI that can be used for almost every scenario. The platform is really interesting for Enterprise level merchants and brands, since it offers a unique pricing model that keeps the TCO under 3% and even shrinks if your sales grow. Also Venda has some pure players on the platform that trust the system so much that they have no fallback. They are only on Venda. At the moment there are over 100 customers with more than 180 sites on the Venda platform, for example Royal Mail, Tesco Clothing and fashion brands like Jimmy Choo, Urban Outfitter or Laura Ashley. So we can truly say that Venda is a major player in the enterprise ecommerce system league.

For more information give it a shoot and visit venda.com.

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