What do you know about ecommerce?

We have welcomed our new sponsor Venda last monday. That reminded me of how I got to know Venda back last year. For me they were simply a blind spot, even though I considered myself a well informed consultant in the ecommerce industry. That was when a concept I learned during my MBA studies came back to my mind – the Johari window which shows how limited our knowledge in fact is. So from time to time it makes sense to take a step back and think about what you know, what you estimate about things and what you might not know.


It’s a fairly simple but true model that starts in upper left corner with stuff everybody knows. That means you have knowledge of things about the world and yourself that you but also everyone have. Great start. That’s the common knowledge.

Than there are things that you know about the world and yourself that only you know. Nobody else. That can be a nice competitive advantage if you can use this knowledge.

And then comes the big blind spot. First there is the knowledge others have about you and the world, that you don’t have. If you are aware of this part of the blind spot, you can pretty easily gain the missing knowledge and shrink the spot – simply by learning. You just have to start looking for information and ask people.

And then there is the stuff that nobody knows about. Not you or any other person. If you want to gain knowledge there, it’s getting pretty hard, since you can not ask anybody, read a book or use the common search engine on the web. To make this part of the spot smaller means hard research on your own and getting really new insights. If you get the knowledge, than you have another competitive advantage – if you can use it.

In daily business the code is kind of “you have to know everything”, especially if you work as consultant. But that’s complete bullshit, because it’s simply impossible. Therefore it’s much more important to develop the skills to identify where your blind spot is.To be aware of what you not know is the first step to gain the knowledge to make the blind spot smaller. So take a deep look into the mirror and ask yourself: what do you know about ecommerce?

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