It’s time to focus on your strengths!

leerMan, its been ages since my last post on ecomPunk. There is so much I need to share and get your feedback on. Let’s start with something I think the whole market just has to adopt, because I just cannot take this marketing BS anymore. This is meant to be read by all the eCommerce solution providers with enterprise focus. The ones that would love to have Zalando in their portfolio.

It’s time to focus on your strengths software manufacturers!

What do I want to say with this? Enterprise eCommerce is not like the car industry. You just don’t offer a Mercedes and know that there are close to endless quality goals and stress tests to ensure all your components work well together and every part manufacturer follows your quality guidelines making it a great complete product in the end. So you just cannot approach it like this and sell your “platforms” and “solutions” as if they are turnkey solutions for all eCommerce needs surrounded by not so important or replaceable additions. If we try to look into the IT sector in general from your customer point of view we can adjust this example to saying: Yes, you can now be fired for just choosing “IBM” – it is no longer the one stop decision on an enterprise level.

So let me try to be more precise:

Why do you think the really large and successful players stopped using your enterprise solutions and now build their own technology like back in the days when there were no solutions like those you offer? Think about it!

It is because your solutions were just not flexible and open enough to cover and adapt to their needs! Or did you promote that you are best in X (your focus) and are able to connect to anything they need to add or build on their own to innovate? No you just believed your own marketing BS and that you would be fully able to keep your clients ahead of the competition by staying with your solution and relying on your innovations.

Do you know how AWS was born? It was created because Amazon realized the need to create APIs internally to make sure business units could efficiently interact, innovate and scale. Just because they decided to open this as a new business we know about it and it changed the way the industry works today.

So imagine your potential enterprise customers want to be just as successful as Amazon. Do you think they can afford to have a clunky huge piece of software in the middle trying to be best in everything? A piece of software not focused on being as great as possible to interact with third party components?

Think about it – start to focus on what you really do best and then try to be as open as possible with great APIs to enable enterprise clients to really grow with you and innovate without having to leave you behind.

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Serial Entrepreneur & Founder in eCommerce - VP @NewStoreInc - Podcasting @theecomweek - Startup mentor @Venture_Villa

3 Responses to It’s time to focus on your strengths!

  1. Joscha Krug says:

    You’re absolutely right! Keeping the core of the applications clean and simple would really help to get a faster (attention BS) time- to-market.
    And PLEASE stop the encryption!

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