Weekly recap – what you may have missed in commerce (CW13)

wordcloud_recap_cw13Here we go: this is what happened over the last week. In case you didn’t find time to follow the news, just stop by here and you’ll get the link collection of what was going on in the ecommerce world.


mobile / mcommerce



So it was a busy after-easter-weekend-week with one really unique thing happening: we now have car-commerce! The presentation of the Tesla Model 3 came with the option to reserve it right away for just $1.000 bucks (look here: https://www.teslamotors.com/). Within the first 40 minutes the reservations were over 150.000 – and they shut down the counter. Hmm, nice start – $150.000.000 in 40 minutes, if this isn’t commerce… If you want to get a nice coverage with pictures, you can find it here at TechCrunch: http://goo.gl/4zZ4ah.

So have a nice weekend and be careful to be tempted… it’s just the reservation, the car itself will start at $35.000 and delivery will only start beginning of 2017 :-)

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