Car-commerce is finally here, thanks to Tesla

Model_3___Tesla_MotorsAt the end of last week we have seen a phantastic phenoenon: the rise of car-commerce. Elon Musk’s Tesla created a huge media awareness and perfect upfront marketing for over a year to promote the introduction of the Tesla Model 3. Finally on last Friday the new car was presented in Los Angeles.

And with the car came a clever move: you could simply reserve one for your own on the Tesla website. The registration amount was $1.000 that will later deducted from the final purchase price that starts at $35.000. And guess what happened? Within the first hour the reservations passed already 100.000 (somewhere around that time Tesla moved away the counter from the website). Until Saturday the number of reservations rose to an amazing 276.000!

Ok, let me get this straight: 276.000 reservation x $1.000 = $276.000.000 in ONE day. Hey, all other car manufacturers: how about your online turnover…?

The interesting thing here is that this is kind of a new crowdfunding. The estimation on the development cost for the Model S are somewhere around $1.5bn. Also the delivery of the new car will at least take another year – start is projected for late 2017. However Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that the regional distribution will be equal – so even if you reserve late from a country not so popular with Tesla, you have a good chance to get one early…

What is really interesting is the question if Tesla is able at all to deliver this number of cars in the short time. Tesla delivered around 50.000 cars in 2015. The production is planned to grow to 500.000 cars per year in 2020 (see here). However combined with the production of Model S, Model X (delivery started in the first quarter of 2015 with some problems in delivering the right volume) plus the new Model 3, the number is very ambitious. Even Elon Musk commented on Twitter about the production capabilities after the overwhelming number of reservations last Friday.

But whatever happens to the delivery numbers – Elon Musk managed to shake up the car industry again. This time he showed how to use the web to make massive turnover. Practically he invented car-commerce.

Let’s see what this makes to the rest of the industry in the long run…

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