Chatbots, Retail Transformation and Fails in our weekly recap (CW15)

wordcloud (2)“Invasion of the bots!” would be a nice header for the last week. As you can clearly see in the wordcloud, Facebook’s F8 conference and the Facebook chatbots are here. And they are likely to stay. As I pointed out in last weeks recap, I’m curious how this will change the way we shop and interact in the future.

And since I’m curious this brings me to an interesting story. Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) pointed out in his yearly letter to investors, that the company is willing to fail. And that the competition is not failing enough. Another quotation from a famous CEO: “We aim to make mistakes faster than anyone else” (Daniel Ek, founder & CEO Spotify). So it seems we are back in the area where failure is an option (cause I personally had the impression that failing wasn’t a valid option in the last years). So let’s fail all together a bit more…


Chat-bots all over the place



The digital retail transformation


Strategic thoughts

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