”The promise of punk is that you don’t need anything fancy to do something great. You don’t need fancy technique to be an artist; stencils and spray paint will work. And you don’t need a desk in a newsroom to be a journalist; the Xerox machines at your copy shop will do.” (by Joshua Benton)

Why ecomPunk?

Punk movements usually came to life to express concepts of rebellion, individualism and free thought in radical changing sectors. ecomPunk is meant to point at exactly these movements within the commerce sphere and to identify who are the individuals driving these changes. ecomPunk is a commerce revolution news site written by authors with longstanding experience in the field of commerce. If you are interested to join the team or contribute a guest article, please get in touch.

Alexander Ringsdorff

Being involved in online commerce activities since I am a teenager and gaining a lot of experience during 14 years of building an e-commerce consultancy and systems integrator, as well as running the e-com business for a large UK based retailer and founding a SaaS mobile-first e-commerce platform, I decided to spread the word about the accelerating commerce revolution through ecomPunk.

Alexander Ringsdorff

Kai-Thomas Krause

Constantly looking for new opportunities I moved on my career path from classical retail to ecommerce and lately mobile commerce over the last two decades. Eager to find out the latest trends and technologies I’m always kind of researching what’s going on. ecomPunk is the perfect channel for me to write about the discoveries on the commerce revolution.

Kai-Thomas Krause

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