Roman’s Rants: Touchy typy

TypewriterDuring the past weeks, I felt oddly content with the commerce and tech world around me. Maybe it’s because I’m so bloody busy right now, that all the rant potential went into project related stuff. But, having to communicate while on the go all the time made the swearing juices flow again. People, friends, we’ve all been deceived by the smartphone and tablet industry: one just cannot type on a fucking touch device! Read more of this post

Talking about revolution …

vivalarevolutionSometimes it’s really valuable to take a step back and regain the broader view again. What you are able to observe from this kind of outside perspective is sometimes stunning. I am personally looking at a revolution that’s going on. It’s a very strange situation, because on the one side people are talking about it all the time. And on the other side it’s widely ignored … Read more of this post

mobile commerce is not mobile at all!

Honestly speaking do you purchase stuff online on the go? Stressing from one place to another with more or less stable internet connection nobody likes to make decisions about the next investment into new clothing or electronic equipment. I only found myself using the eBay app to make a last second bit in an auction I wanted to win desperately. However, eBay “forced” me to shop mobile as I was on the go at the time the auction ended. In any other case I used the smartphone for comparison or to get direction but not to actually place a transaction.

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Tablet sales stronger than ever

According to the International Data Cooperation (IDC) the tablet sales in the last quarter of 2011 rose by an amazing 155% compared to Q4 2010. So overall customer bought 68.7 million units in 2011. Based on the strong last quarter IDC corrected it’s own forecast for 2012 to sales up to 106 million devices.

The debut of Amazon with it’s Kindle Fire was strong with 4.7 million units shipped in Q4/2011. But Apple still holds the biggest marekt share with 15.4 million iPads sold which still represents 54.7%. The Android OS tablets are making ground, since the launches of the Amazon and Barnes & Nobles devices pushed tablets massively in the mind of the consumer at an amazing price.

I personally like the idea of tablets coming to everyone – and leaving my laptop off most of the times. If I receive the new iPad tomorrow, I will post a little review on it.

Roman’s Rants: Mobile Commerce

Today I would give my two cents about the self-perpetuating hype termed Mobile Commerce. Media companies and agencies alike are regularly bursting with excitement regarding what a big thing it already is and will be in the future. What a pile of crap! As if would just take a bit of extra budget to have one’s own app programmed and sent to an app store or to have a new mobile CSS plastered over one’s old onlineshop to reach the golden ages of mobile success!

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