Delivery race, retail and fashion in our weekly recap (CW18)

wordcloud (1)The delivery sector seems to heat up. Everyone against Amazon – which still rolls out same day and even one-hour delivery with no mercy. It’s interesting to see that now even small merchants can use same day services to their customers.

For me it seems that small merchants and and retail are not dead after all. They are able to transform because service platforms enable them to offer service levels that live up to the customer expectations that are set by Amazon.

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Retail is alive and (more) payment in our weekly recap (CW17)

wordcloudRetail seems to be alive even though a lot of people out their think it’s doomed. But in the news last week we could see some nice concepts how to transform retail for the digital age. And also the onliners go offline with specific concepts that are really successful for the brands.

In addition to this the payments sector is still very active.

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New realities, Amazon and payment in our weekly recap (CW16)

wordcloud (4)Mixed up week… The new reality is virtual – or augmented. At least the actors on the ecommerce stage start to really think about how virtual / augmented reality will impact on their business. It will be a very interesting journey (and we will keep on writing about it).

Somehow this rings a bell… remember 2003? There was a company called Linden Lab that created Second Life a virtual 3D world (more trivia on wikipedia). I can still remember the first days of trying it out. It was amazing. Then the hype kicked in and brands wanted to be part of it and started building their virtual places / shops. And it went down the drain.

Let’s hope that the new virtual reality get’s a better start – and better concepts.

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Car-commerce is finally here, thanks to Tesla

Model_3___Tesla_MotorsAt the end of last week we have seen a phantastic phenoenon: the rise of car-commerce. Elon Musk’s Tesla created a huge media awareness and perfect upfront marketing for over a year to promote the introduction of the Tesla Model 3. Finally on last Friday the new car was presented in Los Angeles.

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Roman’s Rants: Rocket Shmocket

rocketIt’s about time to get the ranting juices flowing again. Why? Because recently, all my social-timeline-thingies are full of references to Rocket Internet, Zalando and all the other heroes of the Samwer universe. For many, the business history of the three brothers from Cologne seems to be the recipe for commerce fame & fortune. Well, let them. But if the pundits of the interwebs join mainstream media to perpetuate the same myths over and over again it’s fucking too much!

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