Gaining new perspectives – summary of the ecommerce forum 2020 in Athens

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week I had the chance to participate in the first big greek ecommerce conference: the ecommerce forum 2020. I had the chance to spread the word about the development of mobile devices and their impact on the shopping sphere to greek merchants, big and small. Since Roman just recently ranted heavily about conferences, I was curious how the two days of this first timer would be.

Where the German conference scene has a handful of good and innovative conferences and also loads of just time wasting events. But the host of the conference Efstathios Intzeidis did a great job! Read more of this post

Roman’s Rants: Conference Archaeology

Yesterday I came in touch with something that got my ranting juices flowing again. I visited the Neocom in Düsseldorf, which is said to be one of the most important commerce events in Germany. And apart from seeing my punk buddies Alex & Nadine again (who have to there today as well, poor bastards) and getting a reason to rant, it was a fucking waste of time!!

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K5 2013: Some thoughts

DSC_0024Now that we’re back in ecomPunk HQ, with the impressions of this year’s K5 conference slowly sinking in, it’s time for a little review. The photos are already out (for day 1 and day 2), but I’m dying to write a couple of sentences, so here goes.

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K5 2013 – Day 2 photo gallery

k5-logoAnd here impressions from day 2 – enjoy!

K5 2013 – Day 1 photo gallery

k5-logoSome (optical) impressions from the first day of the K5 conference. The written bits will follow a little bit later on, stay tuned!

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