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thisweekinecommerceYou might have noticed that ecomPunk was not performing as strong as it used to. I would say this is because the format was not as attractive for us anymore and we wanted to evolve in the way we share our ecommerce experience and stories.

Kai and I now decided to focus our limited spare time to the weekly production of an ecommerce podcast called “This Week in ECommerce“. We hope you will enjoy this new format and that my relocation to New York enables us to cover not only interesting stories from Europe but also from the US market.

Please let us know what you think! We are eager to learn how to improve.
Here you can find a short transition post from ecomPunk to This Week in ECommerce.

Car-commerce is finally here, thanks to Tesla

Model_3___Tesla_MotorsAt the end of last week we have seen a phantastic phenoenon: the rise of car-commerce. Elon Musk’s Tesla created a huge media awareness and perfect upfront marketing for over a year to promote the introduction of the Tesla Model 3. Finally on last Friday the new car was presented in Los Angeles.

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Gaining new perspectives – summary of the ecommerce forum 2020 in Athens

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week I had the chance to participate in the first big greek ecommerce conference: the ecommerce forum 2020. I had the chance to spread the word about the development of mobile devices and their impact on the shopping sphere to greek merchants, big and small. Since Roman just recently ranted heavily about conferences, I was curious how the two days of this first timer would be.

Where the German conference scene has a handful of good and innovative conferences and also loads of just time wasting events. But the host of the conference Efstathios Intzeidis did a great job! Read more of this post

Roman’s Rants: E-Commerce is Easy (my arse!)

NeandertalerIt should all be so simple: there is loads of software to build a webshop with. There’s expertise, there is experience, there is people. You would think that selling stuff online would be a no-brainer, thirteen years after the mother-of-all-shops, osCommerce, went live. But hell no, bringing a commerce business online that has a sprinkle of individualisation and a little bit of scale still is a fucking pain in the arse.

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OXID Commons 2013

oxid-commons-2013If a punk had a great time in the black forest, happily combining reconnecting to friends with learning about the industry’s future path, the least he could do is to share a couple of lines about this. Right? Right!

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