Gaining new perspectives – summary of the ecommerce forum 2020 in Athens

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week I had the chance to participate in the first big greek ecommerce conference: the ecommerce forum 2020. I had the chance to spread the word about the development of mobile devices and their impact on the shopping sphere to greek merchants, big and small. Since Roman just recently ranted heavily about conferences, I was curious how the two days of this first timer would be.

Where the German conference scene has a handful of good and innovative conferences and also loads of just time wasting events. But the host of the conference Efstathios Intzeidis did a great job! Read more of this post

Roman’s Rants: Touchy typy

TypewriterDuring the past weeks, I felt oddly content with the commerce and tech world around me. Maybe it’s because I’m so bloody busy right now, that all the rant potential went into project related stuff. But, having to communicate while on the go all the time made the swearing juices flow again. People, friends, we’ve all been deceived by the smartphone and tablet industry: one just cannot type on a fucking touch device! Read more of this post

Talking about revolution …

vivalarevolutionSometimes it’s really valuable to take a step back and regain the broader view again. What you are able to observe from this kind of outside perspective is sometimes stunning. I am personally looking at a revolution that’s going on. It’s a very strange situation, because on the one side people are talking about it all the time. And on the other side it’s widely ignored … Read more of this post

Mobile; Ecommerce’s portable lucky charm!

Yep another blog post about mobile, but this one is sooooo different!! How you ask? Because it’s related to the holiday’s and offers some new facts that might have you rethinking your mobile approach for the upcoming season.

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K5 conference – the pictures from day 1

Last week thursday and friday the second edition of the K5 conference took place at the Eisbachstudios in Munich/Germany. This year  the number of visitors nearly doubled, but host Jochen Krisch from (thanks for the invitation!) managed to put an entertaining and informative program on the stage. Here is our picture feed of the conference. Take a look at the Twitter stream for the comment! Also watch out for the second post with the pictures of day two.

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