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thisweekinecommerceYou might have noticed that ecomPunk was not performing as strong as it used to. I would say this is because the format was not as attractive for us anymore and we wanted to evolve in the way we share our ecommerce experience and stories.

Kai and I now decided to focus our limited spare time to the weekly production of an ecommerce podcast called “This Week in ECommerce“. We hope you will enjoy this new format and that my relocation to New York enables us to cover not only interesting stories from Europe but also from the US market.

Please let us know what you think! We are eager to learn how to improve.
Here you can find a short transition post from ecomPunk to This Week in ECommerce.

Car-commerce is finally here, thanks to Tesla

Model_3___Tesla_MotorsAt the end of last week we have seen a phantastic phenoenon: the rise of car-commerce. Elon Musk’s Tesla created a huge media awareness and perfect upfront marketing for over a year to promote the introduction of the Tesla Model 3. Finally on last Friday the new car was presented in Los Angeles.

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Berlin review

Berlin Hackathon 2013I went to the Berlin Hackathon yesterday and I must say that it was an amazing event. Sitting in the jury I had the opportunity of viewing all the event from an outside position, total relaxed. What was stunning and surprising to me was the fact that all 5 teams came up with really bright ideas. The teams had roughly 30 hours of coding time and were completely free to develop an idea based on the the provided API’s. The jury decision really was between very good and good, it was quite a close call. In some cases the teams nearly delivered ready solutions, not just prototypes. The code was structured and well thought written. The creativity of the teams was brilliant – they managed to start with already good ideas, from the coding as well as the business point of view.

This event is a clear indicator for me that it makes sense to organize hackathons. I really hope that commercetools with their SPHERE I/O platform will organize the next edition soon. Thanks to Dirk, Robin and the team for such a pleasant event, which really was a hackthon and not just a wrapped marketing event! Keep on going! All all others: if there is a hackathon near you, go there and participate/observe/learn.

Exceed 2013: Recap

exceed2013After a long-expected shop launch, I managed to pull myself away from the project scene and fly over to Berlin to catch at least one day of the infamous Exceed conference, organised by Jochen Krisch and his crew. While my ecomPunk buddies Nadine and Kai had already been able to catch the first day in images (day two here), I’d like to add a bit of text as well.

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Exceed 2013 – Day two photo gallery

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