Roman’s Rants: Banks

Image banksOh dear, it’s been a while since this blog has seen some content, and it’s been an even longer while since I wrote something that had me pissed off. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, it’s time for a new rant. And this is about banks and how they can make our lives hard – fucking unnecessarily!

No, I’m not talking about the old “investment bankers are responsible for a global economic crises and need their over-expensive watches shoved up their arses”. (Although this is also very true.) And I’m neither talking about me wanting something indecent such as a loan. No way. What I wanted was Bank A to change the ownership of an account – since I’ve changed a company name. After that couldn’t be done for some reasons – although I have been bugging them for over 3 months – and because of some other minor shit, I’ve decided to move my stuff over to Bank B. The latter seemed eager and offered a transfer service: we cancel the account over at Bank A and move all the funds over to Bank B for you. Seemed perfect. But it wasn’t. For about three weeks I heard absolutely nothing. Then all of a sudden my account at Bank A was gone, and the money hasn’t arrived at Bank B. Basically, an considerable amount of money is floating through the financial galaxy and I wasn’t told … a single fucking thing!!

Now, this is 2014 we’re talking about. I’ve said so before, I will say it again: mankind is sending bloody robots to Mars, and the banks in one of the richest economies in the world don’t manage to get the most basic stuff right: communicate, you dicks, be transparent, for crying out loud!! This would be so easy: just send a short email about what’s happening. Give me a call, send a fucking pigeon! I mean, here I sit, my daily business being mostly getting ecommerce websites to communicate well with their customers – because this is what fucking matters! People want to know! They want to feel comfortable about giving money away and hopefully receiving the stuff they ordered. This applies to all industries, this is the main source of innovation we witness every day. But apparently, there are still Gallic villages oblivious of what’s happening around it. Be that as it may. Change is coming fast, and they don’t have any magic potion. You deserve it, you pricks. Over and out.

(Image by 401(K) 2013)

Gaining new perspectives – summary of the ecommerce forum 2020 in Athens

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week I had the chance to participate in the first big greek ecommerce conference: the ecommerce forum 2020. I had the chance to spread the word about the development of mobile devices and their impact on the shopping sphere to greek merchants, big and small. Since Roman just recently ranted heavily about conferences, I was curious how the two days of this first timer would be.

Where the German conference scene has a handful of good and innovative conferences and also loads of just time wasting events. But the host of the conference Efstathios Intzeidis did a great job! Read more of this post

Let’s get connected: Shopware Community Day 2013

Shopware Community Day 2013Okay, the punks were on the road again. If you think there can’t be more unlikely place for a recognised ecommerce conference than remote Freiburg in the middle of the friggin’ Schwarzwald (read our post on the OXID Commons 2013), you’re very much mistaken. Now we have Ahaus, a little community in the countryside known mostly for the occasional uranium fuel rods that are being moved through there. A little over two weeks ago, Shopware held their annual Community Day there – and swiped everybody off their feet.

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OXID Commons 2013

oxid-commons-2013If a punk had a great time in the black forest, happily combining reconnecting to friends with learning about the industry’s future path, the least he could do is to share a couple of lines about this. Right? Right!

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Retail is detail?

retaildetailWhen I was working for classical retail companies back some years, I was indoctrinated with the slogan “Retail is detail”. It was there to remember everbody that all the small things made the difference with the competition, since the products are more or less the same. But how is that today in the shiny world of ecommerce? Read more of this post

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